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Weekly update from HinduPACT - Issue #19

Weekly update from HinduPACT - Issue #19
By HindPACT Team • Issue #19 • View online
This is an overview of our work over the past two weeks, and what we intend to do over the next week. For details of our objectives, visit hindpact.orgor join us on twitter for regular updates atHinduPACT

Last Two Weeks at HinduPACT
Our Team has been working to expose and break down Hiduphobic misinformation being spread by individuals like Rutgers Professor Audrey Truschke and those who are anti-Hindu like her.
Toxic "India on the brink" gang, formerly known as "dismantle #Hindutva gang", has been spreading disinformation & hate content against Hindus for a while now. Was a matter of time before their actions caught up with them.
exposed them. Post by @MumukshuSavitri
Rescuing Hindus in Ukraine
India has been working to get Hindus out of harm’s way in the midst of the deadly war between Russia and Ukraine. There are over 60,000 Hindus in Ukraine, of diverse ethnic and linguistic backgrounds – many of them living in the Donbass region. We hope and pray for the safety of all Ukrainian civilians in this hour of crisis.
HinduPACT on Twitter: "Air India sends rescue flights to evacuate students of Indian origin from #Ukraine. (Marked in red over no-fly zone) Full credits to @PMOIndia for this brave initiative.…"
HinduPACT Confronts Trudeau for False Comparison Between Peaceful Swastika and Hitler's Hakenkreuz
HinduPACT Demands PM Trudeau Respect Canadians’ Right to Dissent, Must Refrain from Comparing Nazi Hakenkreuz to Peaceful Swastika to Prevent Targeting of Hindus – HinduPACT
Indian Journalist Priyanka Jain Gives HinduPACT Shoutout for Confronting Trudeau
Priyanka Deo Jain
Besides being MIA during protests & insulting protestors, PM Justin Trudeau has INCORRECTLY affiliated the Hindu Swastika to Nazis.

This has not only angered Hindus but also upset other communities.

Trudeau is yet to apologize.
WION News's Palki Sharma Covers HinduPACT's Press Release on Truduea
Gravitas | Freedom Convoy Protests: Trudeau "upsets" Hindus
Hinduphobic Professor Khaled Beydoun Reprimanded by Wayne State President
Positive start.
@WayneState President M Roy Wilson has taken a stand against hate-speech by their law faculty @KhaledBeydoun.
Beydoun, in coordination with journalist #CJWerleman has repeatedly peddled disinformation & exhibited pathological hate against #Hindus since 2017.
HinduPACT Thanks Wayne State President for Censuring Professor Khaled Beydoun
HinduPACT Thanks Wayne State President for Censuring Hinduphobic Professor Khaled Beydoun, Requests Stronger Action – HinduPACT
Hindu Boy, 5, Murdered in Pakistan
Jaspal Kumar was kidnapped from Sukkur and found dead several hours later, due to a late response from police.
Jaspal Kumar was just five-years-old
Jaspal Kumar was just five-years-old
Share testimonies of Hindus who became victims of kidnapping and forced conversion in Pakistan, with your lawmakers by tagging them on social media, as we continue to obtain videos from Pakistan.
HinduLounge, Last Two Weeks
HinduLounge #90  The Amdavad (Karnavati) Bomb Blasts 2008 Convictions and  the events in Karnataka
HinduLounge #91  Hinduphobes who Fantasize that India  “is On the Brink”
Next Week at HinduPACT
HinduPACT is preparing for our upcoming “United Colors of Holi” event. Tune in next week for more details.
Infographic of the Week (Download & Share)
Infographic unwrapping the connection between terror fronts and #HijabIsFundamentalRight to expose #HijabIsOurPride campaign
Infographic unwrapping the connection between terror fronts and #HijabIsFundamentalRight to expose #HijabIsOurPride campaign
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A brief of HinduPACT activities over the past week and our plans in the upcoming week.

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