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Weekly update from HinduPACT - Issue #21

Weekly update from HinduPACT - Issue #21
By HindPACT Team • Issue #21 • View online
This is an overview of our work over the past two weeks, and what we intend to do over the next week. For details of our objectives, visit hindpact.orgor join us on twitter for regular updates atHinduPACT

Last Week at HinduPACT
HinduPACT’s social media following is GROWING!
Thank you all for 1000 followers on our Instagram page! We appreciate all of the likes, comments and shares! Please continue to follow us for more Hindu Policy and Advocacy! Follow us @hindupact on Instagram @VHPANews
"The Kashmir Files" Launches with Great Success
The success of “The Kashmir Files” can be measured by the level of opposition to the film by those who tacitly and directly support the genocide of Kashmiri Hindus. HinduPACT has listed some of them below:
Pan-Islamists & their allies have come out in full force opposing #KashmirFiles. These elements peddling DisInfo of "Muslims face genocide in India", are also the ones who DENY that #Kashmiri Hindus actually faced a genocide. THREAD on the historical agenda of these Islamists 1/3
Hindu American Dr. Arun Gupta's Book Becomes USA Today Best Seller
HinduPACT congratulates Hindu American Dr. Arun Gupta on his book “The Preventable Epidemic” becoming a bestseller on USA Today.
Congratulations @DrArunGupta18 on this great achievement. Thank you for your contribution to civil society to end America’s #opioidcrisis #ThePreventableEpidemic
HinduPACT’s CHINGARI Project continues to sound the alarm on the continued attacks on Hindu and other minorities girls by Pakistan extremists.
HinduPact's CHINGARI Project
The steady targeting continues as #Pakistan exterminates its last remaining Hindus.
EVERYDAY, 3 girls like Pooja face abduction, trafficking & forced conversion to Islam.
@State_SCA @RepMcCaul @SteveChabot @SenatorMenendez @EdMarkey @ChrisVanHollen
Condemn Pakistan and Recognize the 1971 Bangladesh Genocide
March 25 marks the 51st anniversary of the start of the 1971 genocide perpetrated by the Pakistan Army, and allied Islamists, in Bangladesh. While we work towards achieving a resolution on Capitol Hill, it is important that we also start talking about this at the local city/county levels. Please sign the signature campaign below. It will reach all your Federally and State-Elected Officials based on your zip code:
ACTION: Ask Elected Representatives to Condemn Bangladesh Genocide 1971 – HinduPACT
HinduLounge Last Week
HinduLounge #94Kashmir Files’ Movie Sp. On-location Report - Condition of Hindus in West Bengal
Stay tuned for an announcement about our upcoming HinduPACT Gala
HinduPACT will be holding its annual gala on May 1 from 4-6 pm. We will share a registration link and more details soon.
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A brief of HinduPACT activities over the past week and our plans in the upcoming week.

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