Weekly update from HinduPACT - Issue #26



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Weekly update from HinduPACT - Issue #26
By HindPACT Team • Issue #26 • View online
This is an overview of our work over the past two weeks, and what we intend to do over the next week. For details of our objectives, visit hindpact.org or join us on twitter for regular updates at HinduPACT

Past Week at HinduPACT
HinduPACT called out noted think-tank analyst Christine Fair for her hateful anti-Hindu tweets. Our thread of 3 tweets received a lot of support.
THREAD! Tweet exhibiting hatred disdain for Hindu deities by @CChristineFair points to deeper issues that Hindu Americans & Indian thought leaders have to deal with.
1. Support for Hindu Dharma or its ethos is different from personal agenda-based dislike of Pakistani Army...1/3 https://t.co/7nn7Q85zrN
HinduPACT Gala speaker and Congressional primary candidate from Rhode Island, Bob Lancia continues to highlight our projects as part of his election campaign. He is one of the few candidates who has openly come out in support of issues important to Hindu American communities.
His statements received a lot of support on social media.
Bob Lancia
Similar to the killings and persecution of Christian, Hindu and Sikh religious minorities taking place in Pakistan even today, and similar to genocide in Bangladesh in 1971 and genocide in Kashmir in 1990, (1/2) https://t.co/tSAkKQkMWg
HinduPACT condemns the senseless killing of our #Sikh brethren. Pakistan continues to wipe off its remaining Hindu/Sikh minority while their pawns in India and US try to stop their immigration to India under #CAA #MinoritiesInPakistan ⁦@USCIRFhttps://t.co/QeScwHpBqC
Next week at HinduPACT
The Gold Institute for International Strategy will be hosting HinduPACT to discuss a critical issue. Register and join us on Wednesday May 25, 2022 at 1:00 PM. Also share widely.
We will be sharing some thoughts at this @GoldInstitutef1 interactive. Register to know more
https://t.co/UZUA2N11x9 https://t.co/PqGupRPoIj
Active signature campaign aimed at Lawmakers
While we work towards achieving a resolution on the Capitol Hill, it is important that we also start talking about this at the local city/county levels. Please sign the signature campaign below. It will reach all your Federally and State-Elected Officials based on your zip code:
We are starting Phase 2 of our Chingari Project this Month. To know more about it and to participate in this effort, write to our Executive Director at utsav.chakrabarti@hindupact.org
HinduLounge in the past week
HinduLounge Conversations Over Coffee #2 with Sahana Singh
HinduLounge Conversations Over Coffee #2 with Sahana Singh
HinduPACT Fundraiser Gala
If you missed our Fundraiser Gala on May 1, you could watch it here. YOUR tax-exempt donations are critical for our work. DONATE HERE
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HindPACT Team

A brief of HinduPACT activities over the past week and our plans in the upcoming week.

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