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Weekly update from HinduPACT - Issue #28

Weekly update from HinduPACT - Issue #28
By HindPACT Team • Issue #28 • View online
This is an overview of our work over the past two weeks, and what we intend to do over the next week. For details of our objectives, visit or join us on twitter for regular updates at HinduPACT. YOUR tax-exempt donations are critical for our work. DONATE HERE

Past Two Weeks at HinduPACT
HinduPACT is running one of the longest running twitter threads (23/n so far), exposing deep connections between anti-Hindu networks attacking American Hindu lawmakers with foreign intel agencies and pan-Islamic groups. Some glimpses below
1/n. Political candidates & leaders attacked by Pieter Friedrich and his associates from OFMI, H4rHR, IAMC, Equality Labs
Tulsi Gabbard (Dem)
Sri Preston Kulkarni (Dem)
Amit Jani (Dem)
Sonal Shah (Dem)
Padma Kuppa (Dem)
Raja Krishnamoorthi (Dem)
Atul Keshap (Diplomat)
All Hindus
10/n. Pieter Friedrich's ecosystem shows how Hindus are not only a prime target of racist, Hinduphobic, anti-immigrant hate. Hindu Americans, like the Jews are now the focus of foreign influence ops. Propped by Bhajan Singh Bhinder & IAMC, Pieter is just a tip of the hate-berg...
12/n Just last weekend Mr. Iqbal, a #Hinduphobe member of the Islamist group - IAMC, which promotes Pieter Friedrich, was ranting against "Patels" and asking Muslims not to "shop at Patel Brothers". Eerily reminiscent of Nazi Germany's boycott of Jewish owned business in 1930s.
23/n..Over the past years, @NirajAntani simply brushed aside the hate targeted at him and stuck to his principled position. To Pieter's dismay Antani went ahead & exposed the IAMC, EqualityLabs, HforHR, jamaat-e-islami ecosystem that was curating the #dismantleHindutva conference
Our team in Washington DC joined the “Unity seminar and temple safety training” organized by BAPS in the Washington DC region.
With increasing cases of security breaches in Hindu temples, and deteriorating law and order in the National Capital region, it was wonderful to see @BAPS bring together temple & community orgs for interaction and training with law enforcement authorities. @ootzchakra joined in.
HinduPACT joins Global Federation of Societies of #Afghan-Hindus and Sikhs (SAHAS) in strongly condemning today’s terrorist attack targeting Sikh and indigenous Hindus in Kart-e-Parwan, #Kabul, #Afghanistan. Only around 100 Sikhs and Hindus remain and maintain their shrines.. 1/2
HinduPACT in the News
Executive Director Utsav Chakrabarti joined popular Youtube channel PGurus to discuss ways for the Indian American diaspora to be involved in bringing peace in Jammu and Kashmir.
Utsav Chakrabarti I J&K - the way forward I How the US diaspora can help
Utsav Chakrabarti I J&K - the way forward I How the US diaspora can help
HinduPACT Gala speaker and Congressional primary candidate from Rhode Island, Bob Lancia continues to highlight our projects as part of his election campaign. He is one of the few candidates who has openly come out in support of issues important to Hindu American communities.
His statements received a lot of support on social media.
Active signature campaign aimed at Lawmakers
While we work towards achieving a resolution on the Capitol Hill, it is important that we also start talking about this at the local city/county levels. Please sign the signature campaign below. It will reach all your Federally and State-Elected Officials based on your zip code:
We are starting Phase 2 of our Chingari Project this Month. To know more about it and to participate in this effort, write to our Executive Director at
HinduLounge in the past two weeks
HinduLounge Conversations #4 Over Coffee Pride Month Special with Activist Anjali Rimi
HinduLounge Conversations #4 Over Coffee Pride Month Special with Activist Anjali Rimi
HinduLounge #101 International Yoga Day & Yoga in America
HinduLounge #101 International Yoga Day & Yoga in America
HinduDvesha Updates
Islamic Destruction of Hindu Temples: In their Own Words (12) — Explore and Expose Hindudvesha
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A brief of HinduPACT activities over the past week and our plans in the upcoming week.

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