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Weekly update from HinduPACT - Issue #35

Weekly update from HinduPACT - Issue #35
By HindPACT Team • Issue #35 • View online
This is an overview of our work over the past week, and what we intend to do over the next week. For details of our objectives, visit or join us on twitter for regular updates on HinduPACT. YOUR tax-exempt donations are critical for our work. DONATE HERE

Active campaign aimed at lawmakers
As the current congress comes to November polls and given that there are anti-Hindu resolutions already introduced in both the House and the Senate, it is extremely important that we push lawmakers in the House Foreign Affairs Committee to introduce the resolution draft BANGLADESH_RES_220715_211414, (already in circulation among House staffers).
If introduced, it achieves the following goals. 
1. It calls out Pakistan and its Army/ISI for one of the largest unrecognized genocides in the world. (The only one that America acknowledges on record but has not recognized…partially due to our failure to highlight it)
2. It calls out Hindus as the victims. 
3. It calls out the role of Islamists as perpetrators.
4. Most importantly, it targets India’s enemies without making it about India and It counters Ilhan Omar’s resolution against India by actually proving that India is the only humanitarian force in the region. 
5. It acts as a deterrent to current and future Islamist violence that is quite inevitable in the region. 
If your Representative is a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, or if you are part of a PAC that donates to one, please educate them to see the efficacy in introducing resolution draft BANGLADESH_RES_220715_211414
Last week at HinduPACT
HinduPACT team in Cincinatti with @RepSteveChabot, as we launch our Voter Education campaign. Lot more to come on this. 1/n
HinduPACT condemns a 2nd attack on Hindu Temple in Queens New York: We share the video of the perpetrators below, for public awareness. The individuals below are wanted in connection to the vandalism that occurred at the Tulsi Mandir on the morning of August 16, 2022. Anyone with information is advised to contact the NYPD at 800-577-8477.​
Exclusive videos from our allies in Pakistan.
HinduPact's CHINGARI Project
Video from #Pakistan. Hindus and #Sikhs continue to protest in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa as a #Sikh girl is forcibly kidnapped and converted to Islam.
3 girls from the religious minority communities in Pakistan face this fate every day. Your silence abets this @IRF_Ambassador
South Asian Minorities Collective
EXCLUSIVE!! Sikh girl forcibly kidnapped, converted to Islam in Manerbaba area of Distt. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, #Pakistan on the evening of August 20, 2022. Massive protests by #sikhs and Hindus. @USCIRF, @sikh_parliament, @SALDEF, @sikh_coalition, @unitedsikhs
HinduPACT in Media
Utsav Chakrabarti I C J Werleman exposed I Another paid mouthpiece
Utsav Chakrabarti I C J Werleman exposed I Another paid mouthpiece
Our ongoing twitter thread exposing anti-Hindu journalist CJ Werleman
Now many people are saying-
Fine, CJ Werleman is connected to #AlQaeda.
But why do u claim that he works with #Pakistani establishment when targeting Hindus and India?
We say- Why would he be strategizing with a Former Ambassador of @PakinUSA and current Amb. @Masood__Khan? 7/n
75 Years of India’s Freedom - Accomplishments and India-Hate!  Vandalism at Mandir in Queens
HinduLounge #110: Hindu Mandir Executives' Conf. & Vandalism at the Tulsi Mandir in Queens, NY.
HinduLounge #110: Hindu Mandir Executives' Conf. & Vandalism at the Tulsi Mandir in Queens, NY.
HinduDvesha Updates
Rivers of Blood: The Forgotten History of Hindu Genocide by Islamic Zealots (4) — Explore and Expose Hindudvesha
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A brief of HinduPACT activities over the past week and our plans in the upcoming week.

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